How to install WordPress?

WordPress is the most favorite platform for developing websites as it powers nearly 59% of all the websites using a CMS platform.

All the best WordPress web hosting companies allow you to install WordPress with just a few clicks. In most circumstances, installing WordPress is a simple process that takes less than five minutes to complete.

In this tutorial, our goal is to offer a complete WordPress installation tutorial for beginners and advanced users alike.

Lastly, for our beginner developers and designers, we will show you how to install WordPress on a local computer (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

In this tutorial, we are going to give you instructions on how to install WordPress in the local system and how to install WordPress in C-panel.

so, firstly we start with

how to install WordPress in the local system.

Remember when we said that you can’t install and run the WordPress software on your personal computers, like Microsoft Word, or other desktop applications? Well, there is a way to install WordPress on your computer. Sort of.

Indeed, WordPress is not designed to run on a personal computer. Instead, it needs to be installed on a webserver to work.

But, that’s exactly what Local does. It creates a private web server on your computer and then installs WordPress for you. You can install multiple instances of WordPress, so you can create as many WordPress sites as you want, right on your computer.

Step 1 :- Download and install Xampp

To start the installation process, download Xampp from its official download page. We recommend that you always download and install the latest stable version of Xampp.

To know more about Xampp Click Here

install WordPress

Step 2:- Download the WordPress installation package

To start the installation process, download WordPress from its official download page. We recommend that you always download and install the latest stable version of WordPress.

Step 3:- Put WordPress in Xampp htdocs

after downloading the WordPress package, unzip the package and paste the unpacked WordPress folder in htdocs folder of your system drive. path to find htdocs (C:drive –> Xampp –> htdocs)

install WordPress

Step 4:- Run Apache and MySql server

Now, open the Xampp application in your system and run the Apache and MySql server from the popup window of the Xampp Control Panel.

Install WordPress

Step 5:- Create a Database

Your WordPress site needs a database to save its data on. Go to localhost/phpmyadmin on your browser. Click on “New” and give it a name then click on “Create” to finish the process.

Step 6:- Install WordPress on Localhost

Type localhost/WordPress (name of your WordPress file in the htdocs) on your browser’s address bar and hit enter. Now perform a few more actions to complete the WordPress installation on localhost. Select language and click “Continue“.

install WordPress

Click on the “Let’s go!” button on the following page.

install WordPress

This page requires “Database Name” (the database you’ve created earlier in Step 5). Username will be “root” and the password Box will remain blank as mentioned in the Xampp Instructions.

Hit the “Submit” button at the bottom and click “Run the installation” on the very next page.

Complete WordPress Installation with Admin Information

Give your site a title, username, password, and email address. Finally hit the “Install WordPress” button at the bottom.

install WordPress

You have successfully installed WordPress on your computer. Log into your locally hosted WordPress site now.

install WordPress

how to install WordPress in Cpanel

Step1:- Log into Cpanel using your root login credentials.

open the web browser and enter the URL or your website and write /Cpanel after website URL (www.exampleurl/Cpanel) and then hit enter

Step 2: Install WordPress in Cpanel

after logging into Cpanel in the search bar search for WordPress or scroll down and find WordPress manager.

Step 3: WordPress configuration

now click on install WordPress and fill in basic information like

Choose the version you want to install, Choose Installation URL, Site Name, Site Description, Admin Username, Admin Password, Admin Email, Choose Language

and click on the advance options tab and change the name of your database

and hit then hit the install button.

You have successfully installed WordPress on your Cpanel. Log into your hosted WordPress site now.

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